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nifty terminal based QSO logging program for UNIX-like systems

About o6l

Fed up with clumsy and bloated amateur radio QSO logging software? Does nifty, swift behavior fascinate you? oh6logger offers a clean and simple alternative to most ham logging software available. Only a keyboard and terminal is all you need.

Special considerations
  • Runs on almost any UNIX-like box
  • Is perfectly accessible from anywhere via SSH - though nothing prevents you from running on your local Linux computer
  • Well-suited for day-to-day usage while operating on air
  • Also has an easy interface for post-adding logs written up by hand
  • Written with C, uses sqlite3 as database engine
  • If you are willing to contribute, please contact us! See our Yousource page.

The software is currently in pre-alpha state and it's clonable via Yousource git tracker: o6l at Yousource